Friday, February 27, 2009

OSF: Sophomore Year


Here are some of the songs I remember listening to my sophomore year in high school. Music was quite good in 1997-1998

Janet Jackson: "We go Deep"

Joe: "Don't Wanna Be a Player No More"

Toni Braxton: "Unbreak My Heart"

KC and Jo Jo: "All My Life"


Revvy Rev said...

You had some good stuff back then. I hadn't realized it, but its very good.

[***Fresh&Fab***] said...

yes yes yes, i love all of them

"All my life" was/is my joint, one of the best songs ever made imo. and joe is one of the best musicians out, then and now. you have some excellent choices here, really enjoyed all of them

have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

All of those albums were played hard. I went to see Miss Jackson if you nasty in concert - what a show. The Velvet Rope is one of my favorites.

Regina said...

Go deep was my song!!!
Very nice choices!