Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cooking Hobbies that Ward Off the Perils of Dissertating

A month ago, I had dinner with a couple of friends and wrote about my skepticism of ho
me-prepared dinner dates (particularly those when I don't know whether or not the person can actually cook!). I later wrote about how good that really dinner was! Last week, the hostess finally sent me the recipe to her stuffed chicken cordon bleu and I tried it yesterday. I made it with a tossed salad, but when it was served to me, it was served with asparagus. Pix are above.

I actually thought it came out quite well. Mr. C enjoyed it and said that he liked my version better (I added a lil' extra seasoning with onion powder, paprika, and lemon pepper seasoning to give it an extra zest.) I'm starting to go back to my hobbies of cooking and baking again. Last year I didn't cook as much as I wanted and often relied on Mr. C's decadent version of tuna helper (he makes a MEAN helper!!) Now, cooking seems like a good outlet and break from dissertation, and all the grading I have to do right now. We'll see how long it lasts...


Revvy Rev said...

Looks good. How'd you rate the taste?

Prof. PC said...

I actually thought it tasted pretty darn good. I tried a crab pasta casserole yesterday, and that was delicious too. It got better with age.