Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life is Grand Award

Revvy Rev at Certain Sound passed the Life Is Grand award to me and I am most appreciative. Through his blogging, he provides invaluable insight on social justice and its relationship to the responsibilities of the African American Church. The rules require me to list 5 reasons why life is grand and pass this on to 5 other bloggers. I always try to be obedient and so Life is grand because:
1. God has been good to me in spite of my faults and failures
2. God has and continues to protect me from hurt, harm and danger.

3. I have a loving and supportive husband who supports me in all my endeavors.
4. I have two loving parents who nurture me and provide tough love when I need it.

5. Every day is a day of Thanksgiving and when I count my blessings, I quickly run out of fingers and toes.

I pass this award on to the following:

1) Regina's Family Seasons for supporting and following my blog
2) The Active Voice for continuing to provide counsel and advice when I need it.

3) Sojourner's Place for providing insight and inspiration when I need it
4) Miles Per Hour for checking out my blog and making me laugh.
5) Hagar's Daughters for providing intellectual insight that keeps me on my toes.


MilesPerHour said...

Thank you so much for the recognition. I am happy that I have been able to brighten your day.

MilesPerHour said...

But what did I say? lol

Revvy Rev said...

Miles you keep all of us uplifted.

Kierra Jones said...

God can do all things, but fail...I really like this.

Romans 3:21-28

Prof. PC said...


I was thinking of that blog posting you did some time ago, where you tried some folks' Afro sheen. LOL.

MilesPerHour said...

My afro sheen days are gone along with the perms and long hair. I do really like the "Pantene for Women of Color" though!

SjP said...

Prof PC, you are too kind! I am deeply humbled. Much obliged...

SjP said...

Finally paying this forward and in doing so, left a little something for you at SjP's