Monday, February 2, 2009

Dissertation Heartburn?

Can dissertating really induce heartburn? Just wondering--I thought I'd ask for a very close friend who happens to be dissertating madly right now (why would you think that I'm referring to myself? No really, a good friend. LOL!). Note to self friend: Coding data and writing chapters are extremely hard to do on a Monday morning after teaching/after staying up watching the Superbowl.


Revvy Rev said...

Maybe it was the Superbowl party food that you - I mean your friend - ate.

Robyn said...

I cycle through different kinds of digestive problems. One of them is heartburn. Started in New Orleans last year, went away in the summer, then came back for a week or two recently. For me, chewing gum seems to help (I think it keeps the digestive juices flowing or something?) and ginger tea also.