Monday, January 5, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

Monday has gotten off to a pretty good start, nothing like the cranky weekend. First, I got a journal article accepted for publication (it'll be in print sometime in mid 2009--quite soon considering the fact that many academic journals lag far behind schedule for printing accepted pubs). Then, I tackled cleaning out my closet! Although I keep an extremely neat home, when it comes to my closet, I've been quite a pack rat, keeping articles of clothing dated from 2002/2003/2004, stuff I haven't worn in ages, and most of which, is at least 2 sizes too small. And even with the stuff I can technically squeeze into (not that I really want to), it's not in style. Can you say gaucho pants anyone? And who really needs 40 blazers? Seriously.

My sister would always say how she was gonna come visit and help me get rid of all that clutter, thinking that somehow I needed a life coach. Well, if you're reading T, don't bother. The proof is in the pudding on the right.

I did it! And I even have space for the clothes I've been storing at my parents' and T's places.


Robyn said...

congrats on the article! and the closet!

Prof. PC said...

thanks for the props, Robyn. I found more stuff to throw away in a second closet today! Yay me :-)