Friday, January 2, 2009

Cranky Stuff

I'm blogging about this because I'm sick of it. I watch the Today Show daily and every day they seem to talk about the same stale stuff: weight loss/calorie saving and/or money/saving money. I know it's a new year and all, and that it's typical to make a new year's resolution about losing weight and/or saving money. But I'm quite frankly sick and tired of hearing about how to lose weight, make money, save money, or some combination of the three. What makes it so bad is the fact that they recycle the same types of tips around, especially with weight loss. It ain't rocket science people. You have to burn more calories than you consume, portion control what the heck you eat, get your butt moving, etc. to lose weight. The other tips are common sense.

And as for $$$ isn't it kinda hard to spend and/or save dough if you ain't got none? Lots of us are suffering from the poor economy; you don't need to remind us of it every friggin' day. There's more to life besides weight loss and money. You CAN be happy without being a size 4 and having lots of $$$. Despite my crankiness, I AM quite happy without money and weight loss.

Okay, I know I'm grouchy today, but c'est la vie. I leave you with a couple of Today Show clips:

On Weight Loss:

On $$$$$

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k8 said...

You aren't being cranky at all. I tend to avoid tv news and news-like programs this time of year for exactly this reason. It is always the same old thing. Now, if they want to tell me about some cheap but healthy recipe ideas, I might pay attention, but the rest just bores me.