Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cranky Stuff Part 2

I was too exhausted to blog about this yesterday, so I'll share some events while I have a moment. Yeah, I was quite cranky yesterday, and here's a bit why:

First, I went to Subway looking for that Chicken Florentine flat bread sandwich (a sandwich I'd just had six days ago BTW), and found that they'd discontinued it. WHY?! That was the best thing that Subway had going for them.

Then, I went to get my naps busted and found that my hair appointment had been rescheduled for the next day. It was all my fault because I'd received the text from my stylist concerning the appointment, thought it was an old text, and deleted it accidentally. So I had to walk around with both a crappy lunch and a bad hair day.

Finally, on my way home, I had a craving for sushi, and since they're really aren't any good sushi bars that are up to par in Toledo, OH (my hometown where I'm visiting over Christmas Break), I decided to go to a Kroger. A few weeks ago, I'd had the sushi from the Kroger near my parents' home and it was pretty good. Well, while staying at my sister's condo, I decided to go to a Kroger closer to her place, but in a predominantly African American area. That was kinda dumb. I looked all over that Kroger and no sushi. And very little-to-no fish either quite frankly; they didn't even have cat fish! But they did have a lot of chicken fried up for purchase. And they also had their own liquor store inside--quite an extensive store I'd add. If you want lots of cheap booze, that Kroger is the best place to go. Just don't try looking for sushi. Duh.

On my way to my sister's I settled on Chipotle, which was quite tasty. Since I couldn't get any avocados in a California shrimp roll, I settled for guacamole instead. Enough said.


Robyn said...

one of my other friends said exactly the same thing you did about that flatbread sandwich: best thing subway had.

Prof. PC said...

I know, Robyn. And what makes it suck so much is the fact that they only had that sandwich for like a month! I know it was a limited time offer, but geez!

James said...

I freaking emailed them about it! I am not a big fan of subway, but this had me coming back for more! BASTARDS!!