Friday, August 22, 2008

TA Orientation Done, Summer's Over

The last day of TA orientation's done and I am tired. Collin, Nancy, Steve and the many others who helped out did a fantastic job. A Reader for Writers is in campus bookstores (I think they got my name right on the official copies), and our summer work is over. I have mixed feelings about summer being over though. Although I'm relieved that all the preparatory madness has ended, I must say that I'm gonna miss working in the office with the gang. We had a blast!

I also have mixed feelings about beginning the fall semester. I'm excited to begin collection dissertation data, and I'm excited to meet my new students and be back teaching again, but I'm exhausted and the semester hasn't even begun. I worked all year round and never had any type of break. I co-edited A Reader for Writers, Co-authored the Guidebook for Teaching Tier I Writing at MSU, sent off (or co-authored) four articles (three of which I'm still waiting to hear back from external reviewers), proposed a book chapter that was accepted, took two qualifying exams, and helped on three or so additional departmental/research center projects. Maybe I should have taken a break? People tried to warn me, but I didn't listen. Maybe I'll take a break next year?

Prof PC

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