Monday, August 4, 2008

Book Chapter Accepted! W00t!

Some of you are familiar with the Race(ism) in Writing Assessment CFP that's been circulating on several rhet/comp listservs. Well, Nancy and I submitted a proposed chapter in the edited collection and it was accepted! Yay for us! Congrats to my colleague Latoya, whose proposed chapter was also accepted. Latoya is an MA student in our MSU Rhetoric and Writing Program and is definitely a force to be reckoned with; I have no doubt she'll go on to do even greater things. Huge congrats to her.

I'm really surprised at how fast the editors responded to our proposals, especially given the fact that the deadline was August 1, and we submitted ours July 31. Very impressive. What's up with all the early notices? First C's, now this. People are doin' they thang this summer!

We have until Jan 1, 2009 to submit initial drafts, but if you're anything like me and hate procrastination (which you're probably not--LOL!), it feels best to draft in advance (when possible). Those who've worked on any project with me already know that I'm a fast drafter (reeeeeeeally fast) and a slow reviser (reeeeeeally slow). It usually takes a day or two for me to draft an article or essay and then months to revise. That's my writing process; it works for me (as of now). We'll see how much this changes/doesn't change as I'm writing my dissertation.


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