Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Article Published

For some reason, I thought this article was coming out in Fall 2009 but it came out this summer. The article is about the processes that inform how I would design a graduate-level rhetoric and composition special topics course.Here's the link:

Check it out!


MilesPerHour said...

Very interesting. Are there any studies or courses out there that have to do with non- African-American women that "emphasizes a focus on the intellectual processes, including an understanding of the pedagogies and research methodologies"?

I ask this in curiousity of whether there is something to compare your findings/teachings on the subject you are presenting or is this course "stand alone". I could not find the answer in reading your goals of this course.

I also ask this question as you state in your goals that one part of the outcome is "that you use this course to think more critically about your own pedagogical goals, both as a teaching assistant and beyond."
I guess the answer to this wouldn't be pertinant if the course was all AA females.

I'm sure glad I don't have to write this stuff anymore! Pre-congrats on your Ph.D! I know you will be outstanding in your field!

Prof. PC said...

Thanks for the props! To answer your question, although I haven't counted, I'm quite sure there are courses out there that focus either on the intellectual processes of research methodologies and/or pedagogies of women or other groups. Although these courses may not directly emphasize a focus on intellectual processes, I'm sure that such processes are implicated. What my article does is position these core course topics/themes with African American women's intellectual processes. I'm familiar with some scholarship that addresses courses that focus on the intellectual traditions of women in general (directly or indirectly), but not much that talks specifically about the processes that inform designing a specific course, a syllabus, readings and other teaching materials related to women. A journal in our field, _Composition Studies_, does publish course designs of courses that have been taught, some of which may or may not focus on non African American women (I haven't seen any that do this though--I could be wrong). I also had a course design of a first-year writing course accepted and will appear in that journal later on this year or next. I hope I've answered your question.

Anonymous said...
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