Friday, March 27, 2009

OSF: "Had A Long Day At Work?"

The theme this week is ... well read the title! Basically, what songs do you listen to when you've worked all day, the house is a mess, you need to cook but really don't feel like it, and you just wanna relax? Even though I wasn't old enough to work when this song came out (1993), I really think it's a good anthem to play when you dog tired! LOL! I chose "Just Kickin It" by Xcape. Enjoy!


Marvalus said...

Xscape were my girls back in the day!

A good choice for laying back and relaxing!

Happy OSF!

Regina said...

Very smooth! This brings back memories! Great pick!

Revvy Rev said...

a nice tune to kick back to when there has been drama on the J-O-B or anyplace else. Also an appropriate response to stress - Go out and hang with the homies.

Hagar's Daughter said...

That's was mellow. I remember I would listen to this while in grad school wondering when I'd make some money. I'm still wondering when that will happen.

Happy OSF.

msladydeborah said...


I haven't heard this in awhile.

I wish the weather in my hometown was a good as it is on the video.

Happy OSF!

Anonymous said...

You always come with some cool 90's music and lord knows there were a lot of gems during that time.

Happy OSF chica.

Hey Shae! said...

Excellent choice. This is exactly what I'm doing right now, kicked back, relaxing my feet and finally making my OSF rounds. :-)