Saturday, March 21, 2009

'Mommy, Is that cake organic?': Children Leading by Example

All week Mr. C and I have been traveling back and forth to Detroit to see relatives in town for my father in-law's homegoing celebration. I was particularly fascinated and impressed with the eating habits of my nieces and nephews, many of which, I just met for the first time last week. It was so interested to observe how they'd crawl in me and Mr. C's laps and grip us tight with hugs and kisses, even though we'd just met them; somehow, when we arrived, they just knew we were family! Such adorable little ones. I could've taken them all back home with me and they just might have came.

Anyway, back to their food habits. Last Monday, when we had dinner with them at Olive Garden, it was interesting to see how they were more interested in their salad than the dessert I shared with them. And that dessert was the bomb too! They have this new Zeppoli, which are doughnut-like bites but much lighter and crispier. They kinda remind you of elephant ears! The bites come with a chocolate dipping sauce that's to die for! But the kids took a couple bites and sat it down. They liked the salad more.

When it came time to leave the restaurant the waitresses passed out those mint chocolate candies which are also my favorite. Kam, the four year old, took one bite and exclaimed that she didn't like the candy. Her mother (my sister in-law) said she doesn't eat too much candy. As we were leaving the restaurant, my sister in-law told Kam that next time we visited, Auntie S (me) would teach her how to bake. I then told her that we could bake all kinds of cookies together. Her response: "I don't like cookies." My reply: "Good for you!"

At the repass after the homegoing service I also noticed how much all my nieces and nephews love their veggies! J (the six year old) ate his large salad, plus the chicken, plus the mixed veggies on his plate! What kid likes mixed veggies? Sam (the three year old) put good dents in both of her veggies as well. That girl can clean a chicken bone like nobody's business too! Both finished the veggies before eating the butter cake. They kinda put me to shame, considering that I couldn't finish all my veggies (I didn't finish all my starch or meat either though). I do have to be careful with veggies because a couple years ago I overdosed on green veggies after eating 6 or 7 servings of them in one day! My limbs formed gas pockets so severe I could barely stand or walk. My skin turned green too!

Back to the repass. At dessert time, Kam (the spokesperson of the group) leaned over to ask her mother, "Mommy, is this cake organic?" That tripped me out. I laughed so hard! I couldn't believe a four year old would be so health conscious and into organic food.

This all goes to show you how kids can set examples for us stubborn adults. It's not that I don't eat healthy; I always make a green veggie after every meal, don't fry, and eat fresh fruits, lean proteins (no beef or pork), have dessert in moderation, etc. But, my nieces and nephews taught me that I can always do better with our choices.

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