Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Do List 2.0

  1. Praise God that we have the victory!
  2. Laugh
  3. Find that inner peace and return back to calm since the anxiety of the election is over
  4. Return to cooking and baking hobbies that have been neglected since dissertating/writing/election
  5. Find something else to do with my Web surfing time now that the presidential election is over, maybe search for new cookie recipes to try?
  6. Be proud of my new balance between work and life (we'll see how long this actually lasts!)
  7. Work on Afrafeminist Teacher-Research Methodology Chapter
  8. Finish Revise/Resubmit article and draft cover letter summarizing the major revisions
  9. Tidy up another book chapter proposal
  10. Work on Race(ism) and Writing Assessment Chapter
  11. Begin planning WRA 125 Spring 2009 course

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