Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purse Snatching Foolishness!!

So, I just witnessed my first purse snatching, which was quite the odd experience. Me and Mr. Clark were heading inside Meijer to get some ingredients to make a pot roast for Thanksgiving. On the way inside we saw a middle-aged woman scuffling with a teenie-bopper looking girl, about 5"3 and barely 100 lbs (I soooo could've taken her had I known she was a crook--more on this in a moment).

We didn't realize the girl was a purse snatcher; we just assumed it was a teenage kid fighting with her mother. At the time I thought to myself that if I were her mother I would beat the living sh** out of her for being so disrespectful. Me and Mr. Clark didn't realized that it was a purse snatcher until we saw a Meijer employee help out as they tried to apprehend the crook. As the girl left the store to make a mad dash for the parking lot, she bumped into me (literally) as I was walking into the store. Me and Mr. Clark stood there (along with other bistanders) for a moment trying to figure out what was going on, and by the time we figured it all out, the lil' heffa was gone. While no one was hurt, it was a shame that no one could catch the suspect, since she was a stupid crook. Here's why:

  1. This girl was easily recognizable. She had black and blond streaks, a beige fur coat and fur ug boots, and she was VERY tiny (yeah, I know I pay way too much attention to what people look like, but in this case, my attention to detail came in handy). Quite easy to give a description, even without surveillance cameras.
  2. This girl tried to rob a women who was at least twice her size. Like I said, I'm not very big (only 5"1 and I could've taken her). No wonder the girl unsuccessfully attempted to snatch the woman's purse. The little girl was no match for the heavy-set woman.
  3. The girl was a very SLOW runner. I'm not sure how many people can make a dash in Ug boots with snow-slippery weather conditions. As she ran I was thinking (before realizing that she was a crook), whether or not this was a joke. I wondered if she was playing around because it seemed like she was running in slow motion!
It's a shame that these things happen around the holidays, but it teaches women to really be aware of their surroundings. In my case it also didn't hurt to have a 6"2 Black man accompanying me to the store. Sometimes those who pose a physical (and psychological) threat to society come in handy.

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Hagar's Daughter said...

WTH! We all need to be careful especially around the holidays.

Glad you're safe.