Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Things I do now that I didn't do before this economic crisis:
  • Clip Coupons - Yeah, I never did that, but I do it now
  • Buy mostly Kroger brand items - Kroger brand bbq sauce, Kroger water, Kroger Splenda (it's called "Apriva" -- huh?), Kroger iced oatmeal cookies (they're yummy actually!), Kroger turkey bacon, Kroger egg beaters, etc., etc., I still can't bring myself to buy Kroger-brand cereal, so I haven't been buying ANY cereal!
  • Going to campus events for free food - I'll be attending a department reception with a guest speaker since there's free refreshments. Of course, I'm interested in the talk too! I would've went to the free lunch tomorrow too but my schedule conflicts. *sigh
  • Purchase Michelina's Lean Gourmets as opposed to Stouffer's Lean Cuisine - Hey, they're a buck a piece! Can't be that!
  • Grocery shopping once a month - at the end of the month, no food, but I'm survivin'
Things I have cut completely:
  • Smart Ones desserts - They cost WAY too much for a pack of two
  • Manicures and Pedicures - I've been trying to stretch my gel fills from 3 to 4 weeks only to get fussed at by my manicurist; pedis are completely cut from the budget.
  • Random trips to Saphora - Didn't ya know that you can get really cheap mascara at the drug store?
Things I need to Cut:
  • Weekly hair appointments - but I probably won't!
  • Visits to Starbucks - homemade coffee just doesn't taste as good! If you have an easy latte recipe, lemme know!
  • Random visits to Stein Mart - yeah, I know.

My sister sent me this link for pencil skirt spanx. Women, if you've never worn spanx, you should try them! They make all the difference. Will I spend $68? Hmmmmm. *sigh

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k8 said...

Kroger's peanut butter is very good! I don't know if I could grocery shop just once a month, but I do tend to get pantry items in one big trip. My oatmeal needs milk, so I have to get that. Plus, being apple season and winter squash season, I've been reveling in the cheap fresh produce.

I don't drink coffee, so I can't help with the latte problem.