Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Birthday: Why I am Not as Excited

I usually love birthdays and am giddy like a 5 year old when they do come. But these year, tho I'm happy, my birthday seems more like a normal day. Prior to this year, it seemed more like a holiday, or something that, in my narcissistic mind, should have been a holiday. This year is different. I'm not as geeked. I really don't know why. I am throwing a big birthday bash at Cici's Pizza Buffet with a bunch of colleagues and friends tonight, which should be fun. But other than that, today's an ordinary day. I'm a bit older and wiser, maybe not old or wise enough to help creat the blackberry. LOL.



Revvy Rev said...

I knew you would one day arrive at the destination most of us get to, that of "grateful indifference."

Happy B-Day

Revvy Rev said...

I am trying not to be a blog-hog, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and how proud of you I am. Daddy doesn't always show it, but you're still my little "chocolate gurl." The time has gone by so fast, I can't believe you're grown. It seems like it was only months instead of years since this tiny, sepia-toned baby with the curly hair and pensive eyes burst into time like hurricane Ike. I wanted to let you celebrate with your friends and your mate. Hopefully I will see you this weekend. If you are nice, I might have a bag of Skittles waiting for you.

I Q said...

I somehow have the same feeling. I mean i was pretty excited about my birthday because i can be myself and get spoiled by my parents. However, my sister's warning has been resonated within my mind. "ivy, no matter what happen to you (ups or downs in life), the world still run 24 hours a day" what she said reminds me of "Tuesday with Morrie" I was lost in my thought when my sister told me that. her tone of voice seems to convey the idea of emotion is the biggest obstacles in your life, emotion is the soley factor contributes to our daily mood: happy or sad. It is said the biggest difference between human-being and robber is our emotion, biologically, there is not second creature like our human-being :emotion. I sometimes think emotion is my biggest obstacle. whenever i go to shopping i just can't help to grab whatever i want and if someone didn't stop me then i will get myself into a huge financial debt. as i enrolled into college, this concept become even more clear, the reality is cruel you have to stay clear head everyday and stick with your healthy routine. I don't know if what i said above make any sense to you, i just feel like blog is a great way to do free writting.
"time is the cost of wisdom" I guess that is probably what those speakers said get as much experiences as possible during college.