Thursday, September 4, 2008

Folks Have the Nerve to Talk about Sexism and Double-standards?

I usually do NOT blog about politics out of respect for my students whose views may differ from mine (I don't care about my colleagues views though! LOL!), BUT I'm fed up with hypocritical evangelical church folk (and YES, I am a Christian and a child of God). I've sat by fairly quietly and watched the media have their heyday on Sara Palin, all while knowing that she's probably not as intelligent as me, and thus not qualified to be president or vice president yadayadayada... I get that. But what really makes me angry is when those on the right try to justify they own wrongs but are ready to crucify other folks for doin' the same dang thang!

Now, I applaud Obama for taking the high road in stating that the media should leave candidates' families out of political spectacles; however, we have to hold politicians accountable when they excuse their own families and enforce policies by which their own families cannot abide. As Diary of an Anxious Black Woman pointed out, other folks' unwed teenage mothers are considered welfare queens, but Bristol is to be applauded for not getting an abortion. Huh? What about the "welfare queens" who kept they babies too? And how does one preach abstinence in the schools when it obviously didn't work for her own daughter? I'm sick of folk glorifying the "sins" of privileged women who happen to be fair-skinned, while calling our Black women hypersexed, gold diggin', hot mammas who can't keep their skirts pulled down. Maybe we should leave Bristol out of politics, BUT, let's not glorify/justify her or her family. It is what it is: an unwed teenage baby mamma.



k8 said...

Elle [] had a nice post about this the other day.

Robyn said...

yeah i've been very confused about how this somehow manages to be spun in mccain/palin's favor. jon stewart put it well too. he was interviewing like newt gingrich or someone and asking how is it that palin can say she is so proud of her daughter for making this choice, but she wants to take the choice away from others. (if i were more tech-savvy or less lazy i'd find you a clip...)