Friday, October 2, 2009

OSF: Songs to Exercise To

Oh, this one is my favorite category! Each week at our church we have a segment called, "Praisercise," where we exercise to praise songs for roughly three to five minutes during morning worship. I lead these exercises weekly and usually do a few grapevines to warm up, and then some boxing and plyometrics for a minute or so to take it up a notch. We're trying to promote more health and wellness projects and initiatives at our church, and those of you who know me, know I'm all about that!

So, I picked a song that we've used during praisercise. It's Kirk Franklin's "Look at Me Now." Enjoy!


Revvy Rev said...

You may have to get a physical examination from an M.D. before they allow you to sing in a gospel choir today. It does probably keep you fit and heart healthy.

Marvalus said...

Love it! Now that is good for your heart...and your spirit!

Happy OSF!