Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why You May or May Not Be Hearing from Me Much

I haven't been on my blog for a couple of weeks and thought I'd post some updates:

  • You probably won't be hearing from me much because I'm completing the final stages of my doctoral degree. I submit 3 chapters of my dissertation to by committee by the end of this month. Once they respond and provide feedback on those, I will submit the other 3.
  • There are things that people in the final stages of their doctoral degrees must do and I'm doing them. I won't be blogging about that process because it is private, but academics know what this process entails.
  • I'll be co-teaching a linguistic-focused course for K-12 English Education majors (ENG 302) for the first time. That should be fun. I will only be teaching Fall semester 2009. I will be supported by fellowship funds during Spring 2010 and Summer 2010.
Needless to say, you won't be seeing much of me this academic year. I plan to be around some, and won't abandon my blog. But if you don't hear from me, you know why.


Revvy Rev said...

There is I believe a lot of bloggers on lock-down because of job, family, or academic responsibilies. A good research topic would be to determine if twitter and facebook have also been affected. Uh, what about YOUR projected FB and twitter activity?

Prof. PC said...

I think I'll continue updating my facebook and twitter statuses because they require shorter and faster forms of writing. I can update those in a matter of seconds. On a platform like a blog, posts takes more time since there's more text to work with.