Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Your Phobia?

OK. This post isn't as serious as the title may suggest. I know what you're thinking, but I'm not tackling that Other phobia today! I'm not interested in being an Afrafeminist or a critical race theorist at the present, so forget about phobias and other culturally-insensitive isms for a minute. Yesterday I went to get my hair done by my regular stylist. For anyone familiar with the culture of African American beauty salons, you just know to expect spending four plus hours in the salon per visit! Well, I had a six o'clock appointment and was still there at a quarter till ten when the even that I'm finna to described happened. While waiting to have my rollers taken out, a bunch of us ladies saw a raccoon peek in the window next to my stylist's station, a window that was open even though there was a thin screen!

The funny thing about this is that there was a ton of light in the salon and I thought raccoons primarily preferred the dark. Every time we'd shush him/her away, (s)he'd come back to peek in the window. It was very eerie; he kept staring at all of us! We assumed that (s)he was so comfortable with people because either someone was feeding him/her, or (s)he smelled food. Then, we saw a second raccoon who peeked in too, so there were two of em.

After all the screaming and OMGs calmed down we started to talk about the different phobias we have. My phobia is with birds. I just can't stand them. I've always been afraid of them since a child and still am. Don't know why but it's a phobia. My family thinks the phobia is silly, but my phobia doesn't compare to the one of my stylist's: She's afraid of clowns! Are you serious? Yes, clowns! After I left the salon, I told Mr. C. about her phobia. His response: "Is she afraid of Ronald McDonald?" I'll have to ask her at next week's appointment. A grown a** women scared of clowns... *shakes head.

I am interested in seeing what other people's phobias are. Can you beat clowns?


Revvy Rev said...

Y'all should have done like Pam and Martin on that Martin episode on the island and punched the racoon's lites out.

k8 said...

I've heard many people say that clowns freak them out. For me, it's rabid (or potentially rabid) dogs. When I was a kid, there was a pack of wild dogs that ran between the various wooded areas near our farm. Sometimes we could hear them barking in the distance. One bit a girl and she had to have all of those shots in the abdomen. Even after they were eradicated, I'd still get jumpy if I heard dogs barking in the distance.

Of course, raccoons are more likely to be rabid than any other animal. Just sayin', if they weren't demonstrating fear of humans, I'd be very wary of them.

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