Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Can I Get These (Locally)?

There's this lady at my church who always has these candies, and gives me a bunch on Sunday to take with me during the week. Well, I'm out (it's only Wednesday) and want some more right now! Every time I ask her where she gets them, she just says it's from some corner store. At this point, after asking her hundreds of times, I think she's deliberately keeping her location secret.

I've been looking all over for these, but I can't find them in either the MSU area (where I go to school), or where I go to church in Toledo, OH. I found them on ebay, but $5.50 a bag plus 3 bucks in shipping, seems kinda steep for this lil' bag here. Anyone know where to get these for cheap and with decent shipping? (I know, I'm pinching pennies and tryin' to make a dollar holla right now! LOL!)

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